410mm (16") Combination Planer & Thicknesser with Spiral Head Cutter Block PT410A by Woodfast

WoodfastSKU: 8727870

Power Source: 240V 50Hz Single Phase (1PH)
Motor Power: 4HP / 3000W
Sale price$6,999.00 AUD




Following the outstanding market success of the PT310A 12″ Planer Thicknesser, WOODFAST GROUP AUSTRALIA has decided to launch the heavy-duty PT410A.

This impressive machine, weighing in at 365kg and available in either 3kw (4HP) 1 Phase or 4kw (5.3HP) 3 Phase. The true Helical Style / Spiral Head cutter block is 70mm in diameter with 72 carbide 4 sided knives and offers a full 410mm of superb wood jointing and thickness capacity. The helical cutter block reduces noise and presents a superior finish to traditional straight blades.

With the convenience of a single-handed table lift (no need to remove the fence), switching from surface planning to thickness cannot be easier. This versatile machine features an extra-large aluminium extruded fence with centered controls and cam locking for quick adjustments. In Jointer mode, the table length is 1659mm. The added Thicknesser Outfeed Extension Table (standard) gives extra support for those longer, heavy boards.

It’s a great machine to choose for serious woodworkers and busy trade workshops.


  • Spiral Head Cutter Block for better thickness result and longer knife life and less noise
  • Single-Handed Table Lift (no need to lift the fence), switching from surface planing to thickness cannot be easier
  • Centered controls and CAM locking for quick adjustments
  • Built-in dust chute and capable of handling both planning and thickness operations

Optional Accessories

Additional Information

Planer / Thicknesser
Part Number
PT410A 240V
Part Number
PT410A / 240V
Technical - Spiral Head Cutter Block
Blade- Cutter Head Block - Blade Size
15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm (150mm Radius)
Blade - Cutter Head Block - Diameter
70 mm
Blade - Cutter Head Block - No. of Blades / Tips
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Weight (Gross)
305.0 kg

Whats Included

410mm (16") Combination Planer & Thicknesser with Spiral Head Cutter Block PT410A by Woodfast

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