350mm (14") Bandsaw with Open Stand 1.5HP 240V BS350C (BS350X) by Woodfast

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The BS350C (BS350X) bandsaw features several unique innovations that promise enhanced accuracy and ease of use. It is more effective, accurate, and easier to use than any other machine in its class. Featuring a 1-1/2HP motor, coupled with well-balanced aluminium band wheels, it has easily handled everything that is thrown at it. The two speeds, which are slightly faster than comparable machines, make it ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals as well as wood. The 150mm tall fence that can be easily rotated flat for thinner stock, and double-sided fence mount make this a machine that is so easy to set up and use it leaves you free to concentrate fully on the project at hand.


  • Dynamically Balanced And Heavy, The Wheels Provide A Flywheel Effect During Use, Contributing To The Power And Effectiveness Of The Machine
  • The Spring-Loaded Tool-Free Guide System Blade Guides Can Be Adjusted Quickly And Easily Without Tools. The Guides Are Spring Loaded, With The Spring Pushing The Guide Away From The Blade When It’s Not Locked In Place
  • The Unique Fence Mount Design Allows The Fence To Be Placed To The Right Hand Side Of The Blade, With The Fence Extrusion Secured On The Opposite Side Of The Mount
  • Release And Re-Apply Blade Tension Instantly Using The Cam-Action Handle. This Makes Changing Blade Simple And Fast And If The New Blade Is The Same As The Old, The Correct Tension Can Be Instantly Re-Applied On Fitment

Additional Information

Part Number
BS350C (BS350X)
BS350C (BS350X)
Technical - Main
Power Source
Power Source
Any source of power which provides the energy required to drive a piece of machinery or equipment and includes, but is not limited to: electrical, steam, hydraulic, water, air, mechanical, radiation, and thermal forms of energy.
230-240V 50Hz (Single Phase)
Motor Power (Output)
Motor Power (Output)
Output power means the maximum power that the motor puts out under ideal conditions.
1.5HP (1.11kW)
Cast Aluminium
Blade Length
2820 mm
Blade Width
Cutting Capacity - Height
345 mm
Product Length
850 mm
Product Width
600 mm
Product Height
1800 mm
Country of Origin
Designed, Researched & Developed in
Manufactured in
Blade Tensioning Quick Release Device
Blade Tensioning Quick Release Device
Lever to ensure quick release of blade tensioning when not in use to help prevent blade stretching and deforming the band saw tyres, which are likely made of rubber or urethane. A stretched blade will cause the operator to increase blade tension to compensate, increasing blade break risk.

De-tensioning your blade will extend the life of your blade.
Mitre Gauge Included
Mitre Gauge Included
A mitre gauge is a device used for holding workpieces at a set angle while being cut on table saws, bandsaws or sanded on stationary disc sanders. The mitre gauge slides in a slot on the worktable (known as a mitre slot) on the machine being used.
Push Stick Included
Drift Bar
Drift Bar
The drift bar acts as a thickness gauge and adjusts the angle of cut with the scribed line, ensuring a uniform thickness without putting undue strain on the blade.
Not Included
Tilting Table
Tilting Table
A tilting table in a machine is a mechanical component designed to adjust the angle or orientation of a work surface or workpiece relative to the machine's axis of operation. This adjustable feature enables operators to position the workpiece at different angles, facilitating various machining processes such as drilling, milling, or grinding. Tilting tables are commonly found in machining centers, allowing for greater flexibility in manufacturing operations by accommodating different machining requirements and achieving precise workpiece positioning for optimal results.
Standard Inclusions
Open Stand
Blade Guard
NVR (No Volt Release) Switch
NVR (No Volt Release) Switch
A no volt release (NVR) switch is valuable safety feature for power tools and machinery. If the power is cut, the unit will default to off, so the machinery will not automatically start again when the power is restored.
Dust Port
Workshop (Site) Info
Electrical Connection
10Amp Lead & Plug
All of our products come with full manufacturer's warranty. If you need to make a claim - all you need is the tax invoice from your purchase. If you lose your original tax invoice and need to make a claim, please let us know and we'll re-issue it to you.
3 Years (Home User) or 1 Year (Commercial User)
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Length
1400 mm
Shipping Width
460 mm
Shipping Height
620 mm
Shipping Weight (Gross)
96.0 kg
Requires a Skid to Ship
Requires a Skid to Ship
Items over 32kg must be packed on a pallet or crate so they can easily be moved by forklift.
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
If you are ordering an item over 32kg - it will require a forklift or loading dock at the shipping destination. If you do not have these facilities at the shipping destination you will require a tail lift delivery. Please select this optional ADD-ON. Alternatively - you can collect from the depot.
Shipping Notes
This product exceeds hand unloading limits and requires a tail lift truck or forklift at the unloading location (Receivers end). This product requires a skid / pallet / crate in order to safely transport via road.

Whats Included

350mm (14") Bandsaw with Open Stand 1.5HP 240V BS350C (BS350X) by Woodfast

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