315mm (12") 3HP 2.6m Sliding Panel Saw 240V PS315B by Woodfast *Special Order*

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315mm (12") 3HP 1.6m Sliding Table Saw 240V TS315B by Woodfast. It boasts a powerful motor and a long sliding table for precise, fast cuts. Enjoy the improved accuracy and speed—perfect for all types of woodworking projects.

Not every workshop needs a large panel saw dominating the workspace, but a compact, fully featured saws is a tempting alternative. The TS315B is just that, having a robustly constructed chassis in a heavy gauge steel and generous grey cast iron table with real panel saw trunnion, that gives stability and vibration free running.


  • Cast iron saw unit provides extra support and stability for reduced vibration
  • Large sectional profile cross cutting fence with reversible fence stops
  • Solid cast iron rip fence with aluminium profile mounted to 150mm bar, for accurate reliable ripping
  • Ball bearing sliding along tempered and ground prismatic guides guarantees smooth and precise sliding and cutting.


  • Main Motor Power: 3HP
  • Main Blade Speed: 4000RPM
  • Scoring Motor Power: 1HP
  • Scoring Blade Speed: 8000RPM
  • Blade Tilt: 0-45°
  • Major Table Size: 800mm (530+820mm)
  • Sliding Table Size: 1200 x 312mm
  • Sliding Table Cutting Capacity / Rip (Blade to Rip Fence): 1250mm
  • Maximum Cut Depth: 95mm at 90° / 67mm at 45°
Optional Accessories
  • Angled Cutting Device
  • 100mm Dust Hose
  • Hose Clamps + fittings etc
  • Dust Extractor FM Series Dust Collector

Whats Included

315mm (12") 3HP 2.6m Sliding Panel Saw 240V PS315B by Woodfast *Special Order*

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