Wood/as! Machinery began on June 11, 1941, when two young toolmakers John Hagan and Bonar Powell established a small tool manufacturing
company in Woodville. South Australia under the name ‘P & H Tools SA’.
The first woodworking machine a small belt and disc sander, was manufactured in 1944 and marketed under the trade name Woodfast. This
was followed by a 100mm (4") buzzer (Jointer) and later by a very successful 14" cast iron frame Bandsaw. It was this machine that laid the basis of an association
with McPhersons which was one of the company's largest customers for more than thirty years.
In 1946, a 6" Jointer was added to the range and it was decided to discontinue the manufacture of engineer's hand tools and to concentrate on woodworking machinery. Also in 1946, John Hagan became the sale proprietor of the company which is still owned by his family.


It was not until 1950, however, that the name of the company was changed to Woodfast Machinery Co. a reflection of the progress that had been made in serving the great demand for woodworking machinery after World War II. October, 1950, bought the Port Road property. Building extensions were made and by 1952,
In 1963, extensions had given the factory a total area of 270,000 square feet and by June, 1965, the number of employees has grown to 61. Bythen, the firm, now Woodfast
Machinery Co. was producing 21 different machines. These not onlyenjoyed good sales throughoutAustralia but, in addition, 12% of thetotal production was being exported.
By 1980, the factory floor space had grown to 360,000 square feet and plans were being made to design and erect a new showrooms and administration complex on the
Port Rd. frontage. This wascompleted in 1984 at a cost of $300 000
Whilst Woodfast continues to make a wide range of vvoodworking machinery including wood lathes, planer-thicknessers, circular sawsand dust extractors, the company also represents equipment from overseas manufacturers, notably from Italy, Germany and England. Recently, for example, Woodfast was appointed South Australian Agents for the highly respected range of
SICAR wood machines from Italy.
In 1984, Mr. Hagan retired from the role of Managing Director having led the development of the company for more than 40 years. He was replaced by Mr Bronte Edwards.
Today, Wood fast Machinery occupies its own two acre complex which includes a large, modern factory, office and showrooms.
Dale Nish is shown here demonstrating a Woodfast lathe on the Craft Supplies USA stand at the 1995 Woodworking in American Show.Organised by the American Woodworker Magazine,
the Show was conducted between November 10 and 12 at Fort Washington. Philadelphia.
In 2004 Woodfast Machinery Co sold to QCR China manufacturing company the following in total:
  1. The design and manufacturing rights for two Woodturning lathes. Models C-1000 and M910.
  2. Also the singular word only WOODFAST in horizontal font.
WOODFAST was registerd as a trademark by Qingdao Jinling Electric Company (QCR) of Qingdao China.