Many of you know the name. Many of you probably own an original WOODFAST machine. The original WOODFAST company was founded way back in 1941, yet WOODFAST today is a new manufacturer, offering a new range of premium woodworking machinery suitable for the Enthusiast and Pro Maker alike.

The new WOODFAST range

If you are serious about woodworking and want a rig that is high performance, durable and well supported with parts and service, then WOODFAST is the machinery range for you. This new range also comes equipped with a bunch of innovative features all back by WOODFAST’s solid 3-year warranty. How good is that!

Visit a WOODFAST reseller

The extra good news is WOODFAST will soon be available everywhere, and not from the supermarket tool companies either. WOODFAST will be available across Australia from an ensemble of independent local retails, visit the WOODFAST website to learn more about your local reseller, they will be pleased to hear from you.

Please tell us about YOU

Enough about WOODFAST, we need to know more about YOU. Need to know so we can tailor our offering to meet your needs. So, here’s the deal, click the link below to complete a short 2-minute WOODFAST survey. Your privacy is very important to us, your feedback is for research purposes only and will not be shared.

Complete the survey now, and a big thanks in advance. Survey Link is HERE.

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